As an editor for History Workshop Online, I edit, write, commission and publish accessible and engaging articles that deepen understanding of the past for historians and the public, and which reflect upon present day issues and agitate for change in the world we live in now.

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Commissioned articles
Getting in Shape in Early Modern Germany
The Many Sides of the Pineapple
The Ford Strike of 1978 and the ‘Winter of Discontent’
‘Not proven’ and building a better Britain
Revisiting the Playground
‘Speaking Out’, Colonialism and Forced Marriage
On Hearing and Not Hearing Air-Raid Sirens
Slavery and the Cultural Legacy of Hamilton’s Forebears
Pensions, Friends and Fraternities
Scarcity and Risk in the Tropics
Struggling for Freedom in Colonial Mexico
Death and Uncertainty in the Early Modern Community
Runaway Wives in Medieval London
Queerness and Atheism in Post-War Ireland
Precarious Courtships in Old Regime France
Freedom Seekers in Restoration London
(In)accessible Stories and the Contingency of History Writing
A Very British Scrapbooking Scandal
Radical Objects: An Anonymous Letter
Radical Objects: Eliza Sharples’ Letters to Thomas Cooper
(Un)Silenced: Child Sexual Abuse in the Family
Medieval Kherson and Ukraine
(Un)Silenced: Involuntary Sterilization
Bloody Sunday, 50 Years On
History and Contemporary Art
The Colonial Money Trail

My articles
What’s In A Surname?
The Strike That Made Me: Rebecca Mason
Risk and Uncertainty: Introduction